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Hi, my name is KarYee and I am so excited to run the 2019 United Airlines Half Marathon with the Shoe4Africa team!

I often think about how fortunate I am: a roof over my head, a warm meal waiting for me, access to education…the list can go on. I also think about how there are many people in the world who are not as fortunate and that’s why I chose to run with this charity. Shoe4Africa is an amazing organization whose mission is to save African kids’ lives and to empower African women by providing public healthcare and education. The team is working to build hospitals and schools needed, so your donation will help with that as well as to pay for basic needs (food, clean water, and shelter).

As a member of Shoe4Africa running team, I am committed to raise a minimum of $1,000. Although your funds will grant me entry to the half marathon, 100% of the proceeds will go straight to Shoe4Africa and I will not benefit from your money. Any donation, big or small, will be greatly appreciated. I truly appreciate your support and together we will make a difference in people’s lives!


Thanks so much,