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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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We are pleased to support Shoe4Africa’s newest project of Building Sub-Saharan Africa’s 1st Pediatric Cancer Hospital. This hospital will address the current pandemic of 9 out of 10 of the kids diagnosed with cancer needlessly dying today in East Africa. For a population of well over 500 million kids there is currently NO dedicated children’s cancer hospital to address this travesty. In the Western world that stat has been reduced to 1/10. That achievement has been reached through interventions that will be copied and implemented in East Africa at this new specialized hospital with the vision of becoming the “St Judes of Africa”. The goal of this project is to start saving 350+ lives per year in year one!

“In America since the 1960’s. we’ve turned cancer from this frightening, inevitably deadly disease into something very fightable. That human triumph has not crossed the border into Africa yet. I was just blown away because so little attention was being paid. I can save a child with leukemia for $300. That is a disease that has a 90% cure rate in America, and has a 90% death rate in Africa.” American Cancer Society MD, Meg O’Brien.

Please join us in the fight to bring HOPE to the children and their families battling these crippling diseases! TOGETHER we can be the HOPE that saves a child!