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When I think of marathons the first thing that pops into my head is of myself running a very long distance for no particular purpose. There’s no ball you’re trying to put in a basket or goal. No view at the top of the mountain to soak in. I don’t need to run that far to get my legs and lungs burn so I can say I exercised today. So what’s the point? Why run?

A few months ago my brother had just finished running his 2nd marathon and he called me and asked me if I would be interested in running the NYC 2020 marathon. Those thoughts of running a marathon came up but before I could ask him why I would want to put myself through that he told me that he was running with a team called Shoe4Africa and that there was a point to running this marathon.

I was shocked when I learned that there are only 3 public children’s hospitals in Sub-Saharan Africa and none of them have facilities specifically for the treatment of cancer. As I learned more about Shoe4Africa and what they are committed to accomplishing, it became clear to me that if there was a reason for me to be running a marathon this is it.

So many lives are affected by cancer. It is a battle that is hard fought by all those patients and their families. There are over 1 billion people that live in Africa but don’t have the access to cancer treatment that would give children an opportunity to fight. My aunt Juli passed away in 2010 after her battle with cancer. She is a brave and loving warrior who lifted up all those around her by her positivity, resilience and making others feel loved and part of her team. I feel proud and honored to be a part of her team again with Shoe4Africa.

Please help me to reach my goal of $5000. All of your donations go directly to building the first children’s cancer hospital in Africa.  Through your donations you can join our team and together we can make a change in the lives of so many. Thank you for your support!

Justin Perry