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Joyce Tata Nduku, known as the Running Granny is fund raising for Shoe4Africa!  She is trying to raise monies to go towards the construction of what will be Sub Saharan Africa’s only children’s cancer hospital, in Kenya, next to the Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital in Eldoret.

She will be running the New York City Marathon, the world’s largest marathon, this November 2019

Read about her trip to conquer comrades; https://www.nation.co.ke/lifestyle/lifestyle/Joyce-Nduku-running-for-health-of-children/1214-5159378-i82rbo/index.html

You can donate to Joyce through the MCHANGA NUMBER 891300, and account number 21693 for Kenyan Shillings.

Or us the Orange button (above right), for a https super secure credit card/ debit card payment through paypal (world’s largest online payment center) use the DONATE button on this page.

A list of all donations received and banked to Shoe4Africa will be listed here;


Asante sana!