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On November 4, 2018, I will be running the New York City Marathon!!!

I’ll be running for an amazing cause and charity, Shoe4Africa, who has made it their mission to ensure that no child is denied basic healthcare or quality education. This is especially meaningful to me, as I worked in pediatric healthcare administration for many years. Shoe4Africa opened one of three dedicated children’s hospitals in Sub Saharan Africa. People in Sub Saharan Africa have the worst health in the world. The region has 11% of the world’s population but carries 24% of the global disease burden.

Most recently my father spent some time in Africa doing missions work with our church. The stories and pictures he brought back inspired me to something for those in a less fortunate position than myself. To that end, I thought it would be an amazing idea to partner with the folks here at Shoe4Africa to raise funds for an amazing effort, while doing something that I have come to love; Running!!!

I am on a mission to raise $3,000.00, along with a ton of awareness for all of the amazing work that Shoe4Africa is doing for the people of the Sub Saharan region. With your help, I think we can do some amazing things helping others. No matter how big or how small, every dollar counts. Every penny will be put to work, helping those in need.

Thanks so so much, in advance, for all of your help and support!