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Thanks for visiting my NYC MARATHON Page.

This will be my third NYC marathon, I ran in 2010, 2019, and now giving it another go in 2021.

Running has always been the easiest way for me to clear my mind, almost like meditation, and it reliably gives me a sense of positivity and optimism. Thoughts become slow and repetitive, and the dialogue between the mind and the body continues, mile after mile. Doing a marathon isn’t hard, once you consider that 40% of your energy is coming from the strangers around you who continue to cheer you on at every turn. The NYC marathon’s combination of cheering crowds, blocked off NYC streets, and massive build up of endorphins is an indescribable sensation, and I want to keep these vibes flowing.

I am running alongside SHOE4AFRICA, which is a charity that is building Kenya’s only dedicated pediatric cancer hospital, which I hope to visit someday.

Shoe4Africa has built schools all over east africa and now has a large tertiary bed pediatric hospital that takes in pediatric patients at no cost, from all around Kenya.

If you are kind enough to donate to them, you will get invited to my NYC marathon after party, which I don’t have a venue for yet but I will soon! If you come early, you can meet my young son Niko, who will be spectating this year. I will also be running for the second year with my mother-in-law Maria Salete Oliveira Endo. She has many names, but you can just call her “Sa”. Please keep an eye out for us this year, we really appreciate your support.