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The best team you can have is family.  In 2010, my sweet sister passed away after a harrowing 11 year battle with breast cancer.  It was the first time I witnessed someone close to me deal with cancer. Watching her battle was eye opening.  It created a strong desire and commitment within me to work towards hope and getting involved in the fight against cancer, supporting anything making the journey better for those dealing with the disease.

Today we’re working to both change the world, and honor my sister’s memory as we prepare to build in my sister’s name, the “Juli Anne Perry Pediatric Cancer Center.”  This will be the FIRST EVER Children’s Cancer Center in all of Sub-Saharan Africa and will be built in my sister’s name. It is both a tribute to her life and a doorway to saving hundreds of children’s lives battling cancer each year.  What an amazing legacy!

My sister Juli loved children, and loved life. She loved visiting Africa where she became passionate about helping children there.  I can’t think of a better way to represent this love than by taking part in building something providing children a greater chance of survival.  Helping them to be able to live their own adventures.

We will be running, walking, possibly crawling J in the NYC Marathon this year to help raise funds for this hospital.  We are partnering with the non-profit Shoe4Africa team to raise money for this worthy cause.  Through your donations you can join our team and together we can make a change in the lives of so many!  Every dollar donated goes directly to the Children’s Hospital and the Cancer Center.

Thank you for your help with this remarkable journey!  No amount is too small and all are tax deductible.  Change the world! Be the Hope!