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Hi there!

I’m Jamie and my two sons, McKay (9) and Jack (8), are part of a team effort to support the building of Sub-Saharan Africa’s 1st Children’s Cancer Hospital. I will be running the New York City marathon for the 3rd time for Shoe4Africa while my boys cheer on runners for their first trip to NYC. They have been a part of the fundraising efforts for years and I couldn’t be more excited and passionate about this cause and sharing it with my boys.

I saw first hand the incredible work Shoe4Afria is doing in an effective, meaningful, and honest way when I traveled to Kenya a few years ago. My life has been forever changed from visiting with patients, families, and staff at the Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital. I am extremely grateful for the medical care that my boys have received here in the United States and feel the desire to help those children that are most vulnerable and in need receive the life saving care they deserve. We appreciate any and all donations in building the Shoe4Africa Juli Anne Perry Children’s Cancer Hospital.