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Hi, I’m Jamie!

I’m running the 2020 NYC Marathon as part of a team effort to build Sub-Saharan Africa’s 1st Children’s Cancer Hospital! I couldn’t be  more excited and passionate about this cause after recently visiting Kenya to see first hand the incredible work Shoe4Afria is doing in an effective, meaningful, and honest way. My life has forever changed from visiting with patients, families, and staff at the Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital.

The children’s hospital is amazing and providing the best care for these sweet children but needs our help in building a specialize Children’s Cancer Hospital to continue providing life saving treatments to these children.

As a mother in America it is comforting to know that  “In America, since the 1960’s. we’ve turned cancer from this frightening, inevitably deadly disease into something very fightable.” But it is gut wrenching to hear “That human triumph has not crossed the border into Africa yet… I can save a child with leukemia for $300. That is a disease that has a 90% cure rate in America, and has a 90% death rate in Africa.” American Cancer Society MD, Meg O’Brien.

With a population of well over 500 million kids there is currently NO dedicated children’s cancer in East and Central Africa! But Shoe4Africa is creating HOPE to the lives of African children with cancer. Doctors have estimated that once the cancer hospital is built we will be saving over 350+ lives per year!

Please join me in the fight to bring HOPE to the children and their families battling cancer. TOGETHER we can be the HOPE that saves a child!