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I’m very excited to say that I will be running the New York City Marathon for the first time on November 4! Running the marathon in my hometown has been a personal goal of mine for a long time, and this is the year I plan on finally reaching that goal while also giving back to a charity that I feel strongly connected to.

When I run in November, I will be running for Shoe4Africa, a great organization that started as an effort to provide running shoes to impoverished communities in Kenya and went on to build the country’s first public children’s hospital. Shoe4Africa now provides critical healthcare and education services to vulnerable children living across East Africa, and I will be running to raise $3,000 to contribute to its efforts.

Running for this organization will not only give me an opportunity to raise money for a great cause, but also to reconnect with a country that has impacted my life on a very personal level. I lived in Kenya with my family in 2013, but our time there was unfortunately cut short when we decided to leave after narrowly escaping a terrorist attack in Nairobi. Leaving Kenya was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make as a family for many reasons, and over the past five years I have thought a lot about how to reconcile the different feelings about our experience there. I would like to think that running for this cause will not only allow me to turn the page on this chapter in our lives, but will also give me an opportunity to give back to a place that I will always be connected to.

Please help me support this cause by donating through my fundraising page and visit to learn more about this organization’s great work.

Thanks for your support!