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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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I realized health was not a “birthright” when I met little Julia who was ailing at the Shoe4Africa Hospital in Kenya. I knew that I could make a difference by running for these children.

I am excited to be running the New York Marathon on 5th of November 2017 for charity with team shoe4Africa. Please help me by donating for the Shoe4africa hospital.

Shoe4africa is an organization devoted to improving the lives of women and children and was founded by runner & philanthropist Toby Tanser in 1995. Through generous contribution, the Shoe4africa hospital in Eldoret, Kenya was built and is up and running. However this is not the end game.

Currently, we are raising money to build and improve on public health for children. The goal for this year is to open a Music & and an Art Therapy house in the grounds of the hospital. In the Western world, there are state of the art Music Therapy centers where the kids go to and they have amazing results. A music therapy room will help children alleviate anxiety and help with pain management. This is Art Therapy.

We are also planning on building a playground behind the hospital – little things we take for granted but sorely needed in a child’s life in the big picture of healing.

I would truly appreciate if you can offer me any support. Any donations will make a whole load of difference to the healing of a child and the people of East Africa.

To learn more about Shoe4Africa and their current projects, visit: https://shoe4africa.org

For East African residents you can send your donation via mpesa