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Hello Family, Friends, and fellow Runners!

I am on a journey to make it to the 2018 New York City Marathon. My wife (see the lady in the pic) and I have a goal to travel the world while doing our favorite activity together: Running!

After a trip to South Africa in the Summer of 2017, I saw the necessity of helping the people of Africa as much as I possibly can. After doing some research on charities to run the NYC Marathon, I decided to partner with Shoes4Africa to sponsor my entry to the race.

Shoes4Africa is a fantastic charity that is looking to help those in desperate need of basic human rights. They are doing countless activities for those in the East African region including building hospitals and schools in a sustainable manner that will empower and affect generations of families. The Sub Saharan Africa region, with an est. population of 870 million, only has access to two public children’s hospitals, one being the Shoe4Africa hospital in Kenya. By having more hospitals spread throughout the region, the care and quality of life will increase exponentially.

My minimum goal for this race is $3,000, but there is no limit to how much we can raise. With your help, you will change the lives of generations of adults and children for years to come. Every dollar goes a mile to these people in need. I am blessed to be in this situation and thankful that I can run supporting an amazing cause. Help me get to the 2018 NYC Marathon and more importantly, help these people in need.

Making a donation is easy and all contributions are tax-deductible.

**Make sure to click the red ”donate” button to the right or below this text so your donation goes through this specific fundraising page for credit**

Please reach out if you have any questions and thank you for visiting!

J.P. Ralston

You can email me at: jpralston15@gmail.com