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I am ignazio antonacci, professor of motor sciences, running and triathlon coach, marathoner and triathlete, website manager www.runningzen.net
I chose to raise funds for the Shoe4Africa foundation to remember my sister Maria, deceased on August 11th for breast cancer.

Maria has always been a woman who never spared, she dedicated her life to family and work, with a joy of living out of the ordinary. Unfortunately the “tumor monster” that in 2016 struck her breast has shaken her life and, despite her determination and willpower in fighting until the last day, she didn’t make it.

I chose to remember her like this, with the thing I do best: running.

Want to join me and support a right cause too? I’m collecting donations for bringing the first children’s cancer hospital to Sub-Saharan Africa, an area of over one billion people.  Today, in East Africa, 9/10 kids who are diagnosed with cancers are dying.  That number is 1/10 in the West.

and your contribution will make the difference, small or big it is. Every contribution is useful. Thank you for your support.

Join my initiative, donate now! Every little donation will help me reach my goal.