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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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Hi Friends and Family!

I’m training for a marathon again so stocking back up on band aids 🙂 This time the big one, NYC! And doing it with an incredibly important charity.

This November I am running for children who can’t. I will be running the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon to raise funds for East African children born into poverty and diagnosed with cancer. Nine out of 10 of these children will not survive (as compared to 1 out of 10 in the United States).

The charity I am running for, Shoe4Africa, is committed to building the 1st children’s cancer hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2015, they opened the 1st public children’s general hospital in East Africa which has treated over 850,000 kids to date. Not only are they helping children beat the odds, they are providing jobs to the community. And, in 2010, Shoe4Africa opened their first school and now have around 1,600 kids getting free quality education in Shoe4Africa schools – 10 additional schools are expected to be completed by 2025. What started as a mission to provide shoes to those in need has evolved into so much more. Please see their website for so much more detail on how Shoe4Africa is making meaningful changes in the world.

I am asking for your help to reach my fundraising goal. Donations are tax deductible, and 100% of the funds raised will go directly to making this hospital a reality. I appreciate anything you can give, every dollar makes a difference!
Any bit helps, please give what you can.

Thank you,