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Last March, I had the opportunity to visit rural Rwanda and while I was there, I did some jogging through the beautiful hills right along the border with Uganda. Often, a horde of school children would start running after me barefoot clutching their schoolbags shouting “muzungu, muzungu!” (white man). I was always glad to have their company but also couldn’t fathom how strong they were as they would keep up with me the entire way. It was really impressive and at the same time, saddening to see how few of them had footwear.

When I returned to NYC, I was very excited to discover Shoe4Africa as a charity to run for based on my recent experience. Shoe4Africa originally started by donating shoes to children in Africa but has since expanded into something far greater than that. They’ve built the first children’s hospital in East Africa (Kenya) and have treated over 116,000 children thus far! Can you believe that for 1 billion people in Sub Saharan Africa, their children’s hospital is only one of two?

I strongly believe that all humans are equally worthy of having essential care and needs met and that’s why I ask you to help me raise funds for Shoe4Africa so this non-profit can continue their mission of efficiently affecting change in Central Africa through the construction of hospitals, schools and libraries.

Cheers, Ethan