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Welcome to my fundraising page!

Earlier this summer I began running every morning. My original intention was just to run for exercise, wanting to take advantage of the high altitude (over 11,000 feet) of Cusco, Peru, where I am spending my summer. However, I made enough progress early on that I didn’t feel too ambitious committing to the NYC Marathon this November!

I am running for Team Shoe4Africa. Shoe4Africa is a FANTASTIC non-profit organization that has done incredible things for Sub Saharan Africa. They have built and aided schools, nutrition centers, and they founded the only public children’s hospital in Sub Saharan Africa (you can find a full list of accomplishments on the website). Their current goal is to build the first children’s cancer hospital to Sub Saharan Africa.

I need your help! My participation in the marathon is contingent on raising $3,000 for Shoe4Africa. All donations are completely tax deductible, and (unlike with other crowd funding websites) 100% of the money you donate will go to Shoe4Africa. So please consider donating to this amazing organization, and give me some motivation to keep waking up at 6am to run :).