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On April 7, I am going to run the Marathon Des Sables in Morocco. It is a 6 day race covering 155 miles at about 120 degrees through the sand and it is self sufficient. Some call it the “Toughest Race on Earth”. Everything I need will be in the pack I ‘m running with apart from water rations we will receive throughout the race. An incredible and surely tough journey lies ahead but it has been the greatest honor to team up with Toby Tanser and Mary Keitany and plan my very own dorm at Mary’s school in Kenya.

Running to me means healing , freedom and pure joy. While Shoe 4 Africa is providing the opportunity for Kenyan girls to go to school and a safe haven to build their lives, I am proud to contribute by building a dorm to host these girls and pave the way to their bright and joyful future. Karibu !