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Dear friends and family,

We’ve been involved in Shoe4Africa as directors since 2013.  It’s almost a family foundation with Dave serving as the chairman and I, bringing in our best independent sports fundraiser outside the marathon; the Aces4Africa tennis tournament.

We’ve been to Kenya, seen the hospital, seen our six schools, and know firsthand about the different our organization makes in East Africa.  We run our charity like an efficient  business with a tiny staff and huge impact.

We are soon to begin our second major hospital; this will be sub-Saharan Africa’s 1st Children’s Cancer Hospital to address the terrible fact 9/10 kids diagnosed with cancers in this vast region are dying.  that number is 1/10 in America, largely because of the abundance of Children’s Cancer centers.

David is running the marathon this year, and our focus is at our hospital the consultants (we have over 20) have been forced to share one room (such is the popularity of our hospital and our large catchment area of twenty million patients), and we need to increase the size of space for these consultants so they can better treat the patients each day.

Hence your donations will go 100% to build a new structure on the campus, the Idella Rome Consultancy House.   Donations are tax deductible, and company matching gifts are welcomed.

With much love and appreciation for your support of this worthy cause,

Board directors David & Zeynep.

PS: In 2024, following the completion of our planned projects, the Shoe4Africa Children’s Village will be treating more children than any other complex on the African continent, private or public…and of course, all our projects are public, serving some of the world’s most needy kids.  Thank you.