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Craig is an outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, rock climbing, alpine climbing, and just exploring in general. The goal he is currently working toward is to get tot he highest point in all 50 states. Having already made it to 47 “high points”, he hopes to make it 48 when he attempts Denali in June. He is using this climb to generate additional awareness for Shoe4Africa.

In 2007, Craig was diagnosed with West Nile Virus. Fighting that illness taught him how precious health and hope are. He is thrilled to be joining Shoe4Africa and Team Endurathon for the 2020 NYC Marathon and to help put the first children’s cancer hospital in Africa¬†. The Juli Anne Perry Children Cancer Hospital will be life changing as it brings both health and hope to the children of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Please support this cause by donating. You can also stay up to date with Craig’s fundraising, training and climbing by following him on Instagram: @nomadic.craig.