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Hello! My name is Christopher Ladd and I will be running the 2018 NYC Marathon on behalf of Shoe4Africa! I plan to take 26.2 miles beyond the course.

With the slogan “No African Child Left to Die” truly represents the gravity of this organization. Their mission is to save and empower African kids lives and to empower women through highly cost effective, scaleable proven methods. Through donations by generous supporters, Shoe4Africa has been able to accomplish some of the remarkable things listed below.

– Built the first public children’s hospital (150-bed) in the whole of East & Central Africa. It was only the 2nd for the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa opening Aug. 12th 2015

– Built and completed four public schools that have been gifted to the local communities. We have around 1,500+ kids getting free quality education.

– Held women’s empowerment projects for over two decades.

However, it doesn’t stop there! Any donation, no matter the amount will directly benefit one of Shoe4Africa’s current goals:

– Building the first Kids Cancer Hospital in Sub Saharan Africa.
– Developing children’s healthcare insurance fund for East Africa using the Telecommunications world.
– Creating sustainable serviced rural medical centers that are stocked, not by the charity sector or donations but by profit.
– Building East Africa’s Digital Health Center for Pediatrics

Thank you!