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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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Dear Friends and Family,

Turning 30 in October, Big year, Big Challenge! Among my “30 TO DO LIST” were two things:

– Run a Marathon
– Do something specific for someone in needs

I found a way to gather the two!

I am extremely proud to be running the NYC Marathon on behalf of the SHOES4AFRICA Team. This is especially meaningful to me as most of you know our special attachment to the African continent.

I would love your support in helping me raising funds for this worthy cause.

For those who do not know this association, SHOES4AFRICA is a nonprofit organization that focuses on health, education, and empowerment – in order to help African brothers and sisters not only survive, but thrive.

Thanks to their actions, the first public hospital dedicated to children in East and Central Africa (the second in sub-Saharan Africa) opened in 2015 in Kenya.

In addition, four public schools were also built and three are planned.

You can find additional informations on their website:


Thank you all for your support and generosity, See you at the finish line on November 4th!