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Hi Friends! I’m running the 2019 New York City Marathon on November 3rd with Team Shoe4Africa. I’ve never run a marathon, so I thought, why not start with running one of the biggest marathons ever?! I chose to run with Shoe4Africa, because we have a goal of building the first Pediatric Oncology Hospital in Sub- Saharan Africa.

In 2015, Shoe4Africa opened the first public children’s hospital in East & Central Africa. They treat over 400 patients (in-patient and outpatient) a day, and they help kids get access to quality healthcare. Because they are so dedicated to providing healthcare to the African people, Shoe4Africa has a new goal, to build the first Pediatric Cancer Center in Sub Saharan Africa, to be completed in 2020. 9/10 kids diagnosed with cancers are dying in East Africa due to lack of quality health care.

Having spent time in Kenya in 2009, I was able to witness first hand the impact that lack of quality healthcare has on the health and wellness of the people of East Africa.

Concerned about giving? No worries! 100% of your donation is going just to build this Children’s Hospital and provide children with the medications and quality healthcare they desperately need! Your donation is also tax deductible. Shoe4Africa is a registered 501(c)(3). The charity devotes funds on improving health and education infrastructure in East Africa.

After giving, i’ll be sharing updates and photos of hospital progress and how your money is being put to work! You’ll also be able to track my progress throughout the race and enjoy race day photos and updates!

All my thanks,