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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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Friends, family and the unknown!!

I will be running the NYC Half Marathon on March 15th 2020, but can only do that with YOUR help!

I’m honored to be taking part of this endeavor with the help an Shoe4Africa. Your donation will help build the Sub Saharan Africa’s FIRST children’s cancer hospital to compliment the general children’s hospital. That’s right, the first, and you can be apart of it!

Did you know there are currently there are only THREE public children’s hospitals in Sub Saharan Africa? And one of those three is the Shoe4Africa hospital that today helps treat over 430 patients a day! Why Sub-Saharan Africa? There is no place in the world with a greater need for the basic necessities of life than in the region of East Africa.

Every little bit counts and your generosity is greatly appreciated. Start 2020 feeling good, knowing you’re helping save the lives of others. No amount is too small and no child should be denied basic healthcare or education. Plenty more information found here on the website, I encourage you to learn more. Possibly even see YOU out on the start line for one of the races to come 🙂

Now time for me to get out there and train, but even hope to share some miles with you!

– your friend,

Brian Zbichorski