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Those who know me well, know I love an endurance challenge. However, because of mental health and some physical limitations; I consider myself a yo-yo exerciser and ex-exercise physiologist. If you think about it too hard, it doesn’t make much sense. My “old” BYU friend and roommate, Shauna Perry, and I have bonded over running.

We come from two very different walks of life, there are several things we have in common and disease is, unfortunately, one of them. I’ve always been afraid of medication and how it effects my body and my mind. My friends’ education was cut short by disease. Her Mom didn’t get to finish her life because of disease. The vast majority of us on planet earth and beyond have dealt with or will deal in some way shape or form with DISEASE. It’s universal.

Anyway, I’m going to attempt to fundraise and even though it’s scary for me, run the New York City Marathon, in November of next year. Team Endurothon 2020 was organized by the Perry family, and I decided to join cause. Here’s my WHY:

100% of the fundraising dollars from Team Endurathon go to support Shoe4africa.org and the 1st children’s cancer treatment center in Sub-Saharan Africa. See the video link below which give descriptions of the work that is being done by; and more specifically my teams contributions to help build the Juli Anne Perry memorial building: https://youtu.be/8oi-rcd_dzo

For those African families, and more specifically CHILDREN who live in fear of disease and the unknown that is associated with it.

And to prove to myself and others that they can conquer major fears in life.

So, essentially; Africa, Disease, Running, Mental Health. The important part is, I’m willing to take that chance . . . . . Here’s to the future! Let’s make a difference and bring bright hope and light to those kids and families in Africa.