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My name is Beverley Delit and I recently lost the father of my children and my best friend, Steven Nelson Delit.

He has left an amazing legacy behind with some awesome memories including our running over the years which he introduced me to as a young 21 year old. As an ex New Yorker he had previously run the New York City Marathon in 1988. When asked how he got through it he responded by saying, “thinking of people/runners less fortunate than me.”

To honour his memory, I will not only be running the NYC marathon in 2018 (I need all the time I can get to train for this and it will be the 30th anniversary of Steven’s accomplishment!), but also attempting to help others less fortunate by raising funds for the women and children of Kenya, for education, hospitals and basic day to day needs through this amazing charity called Shoe4Africa which was founded by Toby Tanser.

As a South African from Cape Town, this is very close to my heart. I want to help these women and children who deserve all these things that my children have access to. So please help me to help them and for me to run the New York City Marathon 2018 in Steven’s memory.

Toby Tanser commented recently – Thank you Beverley… his memory is burning brightly with our team!

I am super excited to be part of the the NYC Marathon Shoe4Africa team 2018!

Anything will make a difference. Thank you!