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My name is Beatri Meyer, I’m an avid runner, cyclist and swimmer. I fell in love with New York while spending a great deal of my late 20s working for AIG between the London and New York offices. The New York and London marathons been on my bucket list for the longest time. My friend Beverly Delit introduced me to the idea that while supporting a charity such as Shoe4Africa I can realise one of my life long dreams to run the New York marathon. She unfortunately lost the father of her children in recent months. Steven, as an avid runner and an ex-New Yorker, ran the New York City Marathon in 1988. To honour his memory in support of my friend Beverly, I will not only be running the NYC marathon in 2018, but also helping others less fortunate. The funds will be used to address the needs of women and children in Kenya through providing education, upliftment of hospitals and to support basic day-to-day needs. The empowerment of women and children is very close to my heart and I been involved in numerous entities such as the ISACA “Women in Technology” initiative, the South-African “Phenomenal Woman” initiative and the Anchor Roots “Leadership” programme. I been fortunate to be raised by a strong woman that believes that girls and women should be educated, that women are strong and are able to charter their own lives, that women are the cornerstone of society and the heart of each home. However, she never discounted her love for my father and the notion that the world need both male and female to have balance and create harmony. Please help me raise the funds to make a difference in the lives of others, for me to fulfil my dream and support my friend Beverly Delit.

I am super excited to be part of the NYC Marathon Shoe4Africa team 2018!

Any contribution, however small or large, will make a difference. Thank you in advance……

Kind Regards,