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In 2018, Ashley and I crossed the finish line at the NYC Marathon in 8 hours 21 minutes; 52,627th and 52,628th of 52,704 runners. We are not runners. I “ran” because I love her. She “ran” because her mother ran the same course in between chemo treatments several years earlier. Following in her mother’s footsteps has never been easy. Juli Anne Perry’s legacy of “doing hard things” touches every aspect of our lives and influences more than our five children, who never got to know her in this life, will ever comprehend.

It was through the experience of fundraising to enter the NYC Marathon in 2018 that we met Toby and fell in love with the mission and accomplishments of Shoe 4 Africa. And we’re hooked, just not on running. Our family and our family business, Roadside Popcorn, are joining other fundraising teams to build the Juli Anne Perry Pediatric Cancer Center in Eldoret, Kenya. Whether you can join with us in donating or not, please join with us in “doing hard things” for a worthy cause that make the world better than it was when you found it.


Noah and Ashley, the kids,  and the customers of Roadside Popcorn in Katy, Texas