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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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Dear Friends and Family,

On March 17, I will not only be running the NYC half marathon with my uncle Andrew but I’ll also be representing and supporting the great cause of Shoe4Africa while struggling through the streets of NYC.

Shoe4Africa is an NGO helping children in Africa and providing them with access to free, high-quality medical care and education. I’m asking for your help to raise at least $2,000 to support this organization’s important work.

In 2015, Shoe4Africa opened the first public children’s hospital in East and Central Africa. The Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital treats the region’s children who cannot afford private medical care and serves as an accredited teaching hospital that trains future generations of African pediatric medical providers in partnership with Kenya’s 2nd largest university. The hospital treats over 116,000 children each year, while approximately 1,600 children receive free education through the organization’s five government accredited public schools.

100% of the donations are invested into projects that the organization oversees itself and will go directly towards supporting the children’s hospital and current schools, as well as to projects in development including a public children’s cancer hospital and several more public schools. To learn more information about Shoe4Africa’s accomplishments and their future plans visit https://shoe4africa.org/

Andrew and I appreciate and Thank you so much your support and I’ll promise that I’ll do my best to run faster than the last one!