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Hi family and friends!

When Marina and I lived in Brazil, most of our runs were in support of an NGO Marina funded and led in Rio de Janeiro called Corra por Uma Causa (Run for a Cause). Every other month we would collect gifts and donations from other runners in response to a specific need presented by a small NGO organization. Ever since we move to the US, we struggled with the dynamics of our own lives, and primarily focused on our own physical and mental health. After six years, we are ready to pick up from where we left off! Marina was lucky enough to win a spot in the NY Marathon through the lottery. But the sun was also shining bright on my end, and I feel very lucky to have found the Shoe4Africa.

Please support me as I raise funds to help African kids born into poverty who have contracted cancer. The odds are against these kids. 9/10 are dying in sub-Saharan Africa when diagnosed with cancers and a major reason why is because there is not a single children’s cancer hospital in the entire region of sub-Saharan Africa (a population of over one billion).  In America, 1/10 kids die and 90% of those kids are healed in kids cancer centers. Shoes4Africa’s goal is no smaller than bringing the first children’s cancer hospital, a 152-bed public facility, to this region!


Matching gifts welcomed, and all donations are tax deductible under US law.

Thank you for caring to make the difference – Let’s Run for This Cause!