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Very grateful and happy I am to be a NYC Marathon participant on November 6th 2022 for the nonprofit organisation Shoe4Africa.

Shoe4Africa does amazing and fantastic work and makes an important difference in the lives of the adults and children in Africa.

It a privilege for me to be the ambassador for Shoe4Africa in the Netherlands Europe. My goal is to raise at least €3000,- which will be used (every penny!) for the construction of the first Children Cancer Hospital in Africa stationed in Eldoret in Kenya.

Some years ago I was a patient myself in a clinic in South Africa and now 6 years later I am still extremely grateful for the good treatment I got there.

To give all the donations to the hospital I see as a big thank you to Africa.

Almost daily I am training hard so I can run healthy and fast in NYC to be able to raise the money.

Would you be so kind to donate, every amount is very welcome? 100% of your donation goes directly to the hospital.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kind and warm regards Alewijn Verboon

Ambassador Shoe4Africa from the Netherlands.