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Hi Friends and Family!

As you know running a marathon has been a bucket list item for me – please wish me luck :-). I am so excited having signed up to run the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon and even better: to help a cause that is very close to my heart. My time in Africa has been transformational, experiencing the warmth of the people, community, energy, hustle, hope. It made me realize how things we think just come natural are not: like for instance getting treatment when you are sick. I have joined the Shoe4Africa team to help African children born into poverty who have contracted cancer. The odds are against these children. 9/10 are dying in sub-Saharan Africa when diagnosed with cancers and a major reason why is because there is not a single children’s cancer hospital in the entire region of sub-Saharan Africa ( a population of over one billion).  In USA and Europe, 1/10 kids die and 90% of those kids are healed in kids cancer centers.  Will you help as I run for the charity that is going to bring the first children’s cancer hospital, a 152-bed public facility, to this region?

Matching gifts welcomed, and all donations are tax deductible under US law.

Thank you for caring to make the difference – Let’s do it!