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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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Dear Family and Friends,

To put it nicely, cancer really sucks and so does people living in blameless poverty. I am inspired by the work that Shoe4Africa does to improve the lives of thousands in need in East Africa. This November I will be running in the 2023 TCS New York Marathon in order to raise funds for this exemplary organization that has made an enormous impact on the lives of children battling cancer and immense poverty. Over 750,000 kids have been treated since opening the first hospital in 2015. Now, Shoe4Africa is trying to build the first specified children’s cancer hospital for one billion people- currently awaiting government papers to start work! I hope you can help me reach my goal of $6,000! See how your giving can make a difference in the lives of those in need by viewing Shoe4Africa’s accomplishments via https://shoe4africa.org/mission-accomplishments/.

Pictured is my best friend Haley (left) and me (right) upon completing our first half-marathon in February. Needless to say… we got hooked!

With much appreciation, a sincere THANK YOU! Your support makes a difference.


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