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Thanks for visiting my page. As you probably know, I will be running my second marathon of 2018 in New York in November and this time I am running in aid of an amazing cause and charity, Shoe4Africa.

Its mission is to ensure that no child is denied basic healthcare or quality education. Currently (June 2018) treating almost 200 in-patients per day, and 200 out-patients per day. The charity’s hospital brings vital public healthcare to a vast catchment area; in fact being the only public kids hospital in the entire region of East Africa means it is constantly running at over-capacity. Meanwhile the charity has built 5 schools with a 6th now in planning all in proximity to the hospital so that these kids can take the Big Steps Forward to a healthier, more educated, and self-sustaining community. Dr.Kibosia, who helped revolutionize public health in Kenya, states that early education is critical and the basics of health education can be immense in saving lives so all the students are brought to the Hospital for early training! The charity aims to build 10 additional schools between now and 2025. Your donations will make this dream happen.

Any money you donate is invested into projects that the charity itself oversees and directs- it never pays another “team” of partners on the ground (that doubles the costs). The team thus makes sure, firsthand, that every dollar is accounted for and is audited every step of the way.

See more about their achievements here

These kids deserve our greatest attention, born into dire poverty through no fault of their own; please join us in providing medical care to East & Central Africa’s only public children’s hospital by donating generously to this worthy cause and encouraging me around the 26.2 mile course, to say nothing of the hundreds of miles of training runs between now and then.

Thank you once again.