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Hi friends!

As many of you know, during a career break in 2015, I was fortunate enough to spend five months in Tanzania volunteering for an international charity. The time I spent in Tanzania was eye-opening and life changing in countless ways.

I initially picked Shoe4Africa as my charity partner for the NYC Half because, when I saw the title, I recalled seeing hundreds of Tanzanians walking around in shoes made from pieces of old tires. However, after reading more about the organization, I realized shoes were only the beginning; Shoe4Africa has also built four accredited schools (with plans in process for three more), and they’ve also funded and built an entire children’s hospital (only the second dedicated children’s hospital on the entire African continent).

In addition, they have plans currently in the works for a dedicated children’s cancer hospital, which is expected to have a tremendous impact on cancer statistics in Africa (currently, ~90% of African children with cancer die from their disease — in stark contrast to the USA, where more than 80% survive).

To read more about the tremendous mission and projects of Shoe4Africa please visit …and if you feel motivated to donate funds you can do so right here 🙂

Every little bit means the world to me and will help create a brighter future for the people of East Africa.