shoe4africa - make the difference!

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When the brisk wind blows and the leaves start falling in autumn, we get eager to take out our fall boots or when the sun shines bright and the warm water at beach calls us along, we hurry to put on our favorite flip flops. Often times, we debate on what would match better with the leather jacket- the dark brown or the jet black sneakers. But do we ever consider those that donโ€™t have that privilege to make such a choice? Not only implying that they are stuck with one pair but rather those with no pair of shoes to keep their feet dry from the rain, warm from the cold, or safe from the parasites. If you ever considered this, this is the opportunity to make a difference. This March 19th I will be running 13.1 miles to help fundraise for an organization called Shoe4Africa. Providing shoes is only a fraction of the form of help provided by this organization; they deliver a better quality of life in the form of better healthcare treatments, equipped hospitals, schools, and multiple other projects including those focusing on women empowerment. Join me in being a part of such a great global cause!

Thanks, Arvind!