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Welcome to my Fundraising Page.

On Sunday, September 28th, I am running the 2014 BMW Berlin Marathon. I’ve been training hard and will give it my best.

As many of my friends and family know, I have run other marathons in support of Shoe4Africa, a charity that my friend and coach, Toby Tanser, founded. Shoe4Africa is building East Africa’s first children’s hospital and has built a number of schools in Kenya as well.

Shoe4Africa recently started a new project at Naibery Secondary School in Kenya. Here in the USA, we take so many things for granted. We might find this hard to believe, but currently the school does not have any bathroom facilities and the people there literally just use the bushes. For the girls, this often means that they instead run home (2-6km) and generally don’t go back to school that day. The total cost of the project is only approximately US$2,000. I’d like to raise this amount and AT LEAST $3,000 more to support the other great public health and education efforts that Shoe4Africa is doing. These other projects include trying to build a cow shed for the school farm so that they can teach milking and then hopefully get enough milk to give the kids. Also, another new school is coming, so classrooms and toilets will be needed for them.

Please check out the Shoe4Africa website at for more information.